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Business Process Automation

Robust, functional processes are the foundations of any organisation. However when those processes are outdated and don’t utilise technology they can create lengthy, manual tasks which can take hours or even days to complete, meaning your team has less time to focus on more meaningful, value add activities

Save wasted time

For too long organisations have been dictated by labour intensive administrative tasks. Generally this is due to legacy processes being so heavily embedded that they are seen as the only way and businesses are reluctant to change as they don’t want to cause disruption or have the resource or time to change behaviours towards new processes.

For those organisations who are embracing change, they are finding that implementing automated processes is easier than expected and the benefits far outweigh any apprehension they had. They are able to recoup previously wasted time, utilise their workforce more effectively and increase productivity from automating as little as one process.

How can we help?

By taking a more consultative approach to process automation we are able to truly understand your business and help you recognise where you can make the biggest impact with automation. From a single process to an entire project or organisation, we use our experience and expertise to unlock savings, mitigate risk and allow you to embrace digital transformation with ease.

Review, analysis
and plan

We start by reviewing your current processes and understanding how well these are working, who is involved and what you need from them. We then create an outline plan explaining what could be automated and what needs to be done


In this stage we look at creating new processes, configuring software and addressing the behaviours of your team. We look to introduce and embed these processes in a way whereby everyone understands the benefits automation will bring and become advocates for the change

Continuous improvement

Regular review ensures you are always utilising the latest technologies and methodologies for your business automation and that these are being utilised correctly. We can either provide a periodic review to advise on improvements and you can implement these, or we can take responsibility for ensuring your processes are optimised and adhered to by all

  • Using SPi’s state-of-the-art technology we can spot clashes before they happen, making the project safer and more efficient. This delivers benefits for passengers, taxpayers and our orange army
    Project Manager, Liverpool Limestreet remodelling - Network Rail
  • SPi’s virtual reality signal sighting ensured fast and fluid real time positioning allowing many options to be viewed, saving our committee significant time and site visit costs
    Midland Main Line Project - Network Rail
  • SPi delivered high quality service, keeping in communication with our requirements throughout, and going beyond the call of duty when needed
    Signalling Engineer - Mott MacDonald
  • The ability to streamline the exchange of information and automate reporting has improved my relationship with our contractors which in turn has reduced admin and uncertainty
    Project Manager – Network Rail