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Systems Integration & Configuration

Utilising your systems to provide you with the information required is only but beneficial. By configuring your systems to fulfil your requirements, and integrating them to ensure they work together, not only can you take advantage of their functionality but extract the data and insight you need with ease

Connecting Systems

Put simply, systems integration is the process behind connecting multiple separate systems together to work as one. For too long organisations have brought software that they believe will fix their problems however they are never integrated or configured correctly and the customer is in the same position as before.

Unconnected systems aren’t only costly from a monetary standpoint but they also cost your teams valuable time. By having to access each system individually, collect data in different formats, analyse that data and then convert it into the right format to present makes collating reports a lengthy, manual process. Additionally with once a period reporting by the time the information is presented it is outdated, meaning that impactful decisions are based on inaccurate data and can have serious consequences on your project.

How can we help?

By removing data silos, giving your access to a single source of truth data and ensuring your systems communicate as you need them to, our solutions help you manage your project more effectively, increase productivity and give you a solid basis to make more strategic recommendations.


Whether you’re looking to introduce new technology or connect your existing software we can advise and integrate your systems so you can fully utilise them to drive growth, encourage collaboration and increase capacity


Working with you to fully understand your requirements, we can help make your systems work constructively for your organisation. By setting up processes, business automation and configuring your software to align with your business processes we enable you to reclaim previously wasted time and focus on more valuable activities

Emerging technologies

Now you’ve got everything connected, we can help you look at various technologies to help support some of the challenges you may face. With anything from time management to resource allocation and modelling and simulation, our team can help you seamlessly introduce world class technology into your organisation

  • Using SPi’s state-of-the-art technology we can spot clashes before they happen, making the project safer and more efficient. This delivers benefits for passengers, taxpayers and our orange army
    Project Manager, Liverpool Limestreet remodelling - Network Rail
  • SPi’s virtual reality signal sighting ensured fast and fluid real time positioning allowing many options to be viewed, saving our committee significant time and site visit costs
    Midland Main Line Project - Network Rail
  • SPi delivered high quality service, keeping in communication with our requirements throughout, and going beyond the call of duty when needed
    Signalling Engineer - Mott MacDonald
  • The ability to streamline the exchange of information and automate reporting has improved my relationship with our contractors which in turn has reduced admin and uncertainty
    Project Manager – Network Rail