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What we do

Years of experience delivering capital projects has enabled us to understand what is needed to deliver a project successfully and what steps need to be put in place for an organisation to run efficiently. By combining our proven methodologies, technology and consultancy expertise, we’re able to support our clients to increase productivity, mitigate risk and improve outcomes

SPi know projects. We know that clear communication, accurate data and engaged teams are the key foundations needed to deliver on time and within budget. By taking on the responsibility of integration between project management, design and construction on major projects, we have helped our clients deliver, recover and transform over £30bn worth of projects across the globe. In order to prioritise workload, manage information and work effectively, we needed to ensure that we had the processes in place to support our specific requirements.

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We therefore created methodologies and utilise technology to support our objectives, work productively and deliver successfully. By utilising these methodologies and ensuring they were applicable to every size business across every industry, we were able to show organisations how they can reap the benefits of automation, increase efficiency and reduce overheads.

We know that each business is different. They have different goals, capabilities and cultures, meaning that a one size fits all approach is rarely the answer. We work closely with our clients to truly understand their challenges and requirements and create solutions bespoke to suit them across our three product areas.

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We start by looking at where your business is currently, what you want to achieve and help you understand how to get there. Through strategy and process creation, implementation, expert advice and ongoing support we can help you improve productivity, reduce costs and fully utilise your teams

Project Management
& Delivery

Whether you’re at the initiation stage, in construction or looking to optimise your processes, our range of solutions are designed to help. From project management systems to physical resource, we can help you recover, deliver and manage your project with ease


Technology can be transformational for a business, however far too often this technology isn’t integrated properly and is therefore not fit for purpose. We help you adopt the right technology, in the right way to enable your digital transformation

  • Using SPi’s state-of-the-art technology we can spot clashes before they happen, making the project safer and more efficient. This delivers benefits for passengers, taxpayers and our orange army
    Project Manager, Liverpool Limestreet remodelling - Network Rail
  • SPi’s virtual reality signal sighting ensured fast and fluid real time positioning allowing many options to be viewed, saving our committee significant time and site visit costs
    Midland Main Line Project - Network Rail
  • SPi delivered high quality service, keeping in communication with our requirements throughout, and going beyond the call of duty when needed
    Signalling Engineer - Mott MacDonald
  • The ability to streamline the exchange of information and automate reporting has improved my relationship with our contractors which in turn has reduced admin and uncertainty
    Project Manager – Network Rail